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Getting ready for the biennial inspection from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) is time consuming and quite challenging.

Laboratory Compliance and Accreditation System (Lab CAS) can save you time and resources by helping you focus on the core issues related to laboratory compliance and CAP inspection thereby making accreditation guaranteed and easy. The system provides the tools to drive lasting, sustainable benefits by improving the performance of overall compliance and accreditation required activities

Lab CAS features

  • Document management system
  • Equipment monitoring system
  • Accreditation and checklists management
  • Continuous learning management system
  • Proficiency testing management



Using the dashboard you can get up-to-date, real-time information about every aspect of your laboratory quickly and in a single common interface. The dashboard enables you to:

  • Manage the lifecycle of an asset
  • Address CAP checklist changes
  • Monitor the laboratory equipment and their status
  • Track proficiency testing results
  • Track continuous professional learning status of laboratory technicians 

Document Manager

Document Manager enables you to see electronic documents across the healthcare institution. Using document manager you can avoid all the challenges associated with manual paperwork, which includes storage, retrieval and reporting. The document manager also enables you to:

  • Use the enhanced workflow controls for document approvals
  • Read, Write and Update documents easily

Asset Manager

Using Asset Manager, you can manage the lifecycle of any asset used within a laboratory from its deployment to decommissioning stage. The Asset Manager provides a centralized repository to store all asset related information, manuals, policies, operating procedures, compliance records, finance specific details, vendor information, warranty details and service requests history

Equipment Monitor

Equipment monitor enables you to capture, store and report on the equipment monitoring data as required by biennial inspections. To meet CAP’s regulations, it is mandatory to monitor most of the equipment in the laboratory periodically

Accreditation Manager

Accreditation Manager provides end-to-end system processes to manager the checklists used by CAP for biennial inspections. This includes checklists configuration, setting up evidence of compliances, approvals automation and reports generation based on the audit needs during the biennial inspection

Proficiency Testing Manager

The proficiency testing manager provides a set of user interface and mechanisms to capture and track all proficiency testing samples received from CAP

Continuous Learning Manager

Continuous Learning Manager is a comprehensive learning management tool, which helps you to continuously track the professional education requirements of all technicians. Using CLM, you can:

  • Set up internal courses and conduct learning events
  • Track attendance
  • Capture credit hours for each technician
  • Capture credit hours earned from external learning events
  • Track the progress of technicians towards their mandatory credit hours using enhanced management dashboard

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